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LTAD (Long-Term Athletic Development)

The Burnsville Strength & Conditioning Staff will be hosting it's next seminars on movement for the Burnsville School District for 2, 2 hour session from 7-9 PM.  This will be held at Burnsville High School in Room C-180 (to start) and the Gym.  All coaches and parents are welcome!  As of right now our research tells us that this is the first k-12 movement and mechanics program in the United States for a school district.  

There are 4 main stages, Fundamentals, Foundation, Development & Application.
The first two seminars (Fundamentals & Foundation) are being offered in this package. 
  1. Fundamentals Stage - 1/18/2017, 7pm-9pm
  2. Foundation - 2/1/2017, 7pm-9pm
The purpose of these seminars is to help coaches better understand the mechanics of movement,  have a Long Term Approach to Developing Athletes  (LTAD) , use a common terminology and understand the sequences of development and what is age appropriate.  
See you all there!
Coaches Sahli and Meadors