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Burnsville GTBB Program Goals

Provide effective quality training for players and coaches at all levels.

Build a program that is cooperative with, and respected by, other community programs.

Strive to create a fun and entertaining environment for the players, families, coaches and community.

Seek to maximize the potential of every player in the program.

Develop players and teams that are able to compete at a top level.

Encourage and foster player participation for the full length of a player's youth sports career.

Foster the importance of teamwork and the understanding that all team members play an integral part in the success of the team.

Promote skill development; both individual and team skills and to create a positive self-esteem for every player.

Display exemplary sportsmanship always.

Have fun while building friendships.


Questions and Answers

Click on the link below for information regarding what Traveling Basketball is about and to help answer any questions you may have about Traveling Basketball.

Girls Traveling Basketball Questions and Answers




How are Teams formed

Click on the link below for information regarding Team Formation/Evaluations

Team Formation