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What day of the week will my child be practicing?

BAC In-house Baseball does not assign fields for practices. As such, it is up to each coach to decide the best time and place for his/her team to practice. Burnsville is blessed with numerous neighborhood fields, and we rarely have a conflict between multiple teams. In the event that two eligible teams plan to practice at the same field, it is "first come, first served." Coaches are required to have at least one practice per week in addition to the games. Depending on a particular coaches schedule, there may be weekend practices or multiple night practices during the week.  

What days of the week will my child be having games?

Teams will have 14 games per season from K-7. 8-12th will have 12 games. This will result in two games per week typically. Rain days will be made up first on any open game nights for that age level, from there games will be placed during the week until weekend games are required to complete the regular season on time.

Game days are staggered by age level so that players at one level can umpire games at another level. They are also staggered to allow us to maximize the usage of Sue Fisher Field complex and are assigned specific game nights by the City and BAC. 

Here are the games days for each age level -

T-Ball and Mites (Pre-K, K-1) Tuesdays and Saturday Mornings
Squirts (2nd and 3rd Grades) Tuesdays & Thursdays
Minors (4th and 5th Grades) Sundays & Wednesdays
Majors (6/7th Grades) Mondays & Fridays
Ponies (8/9th Grades) Mondays & Tuesdays & Thursdays
Seniors (10-12th Grades) Sundays & Wednesdays

Ponies and Seniors may have additional days(including Fridays) based on field availability. They will typically still play only two games per week.

Can my player play at a level above his age level?

We do not allow exceptions for players to play above their grade level except at first grade. Depending on availability, 1st graders can sign up to be placed at 2nd grade. There are no tryouts, however after practice starts a player may be reviewed and moved back to Mites if it is appropriate for the development of the player.

What are the Pitching Rules?

Mites - coach pitch, no scores or standings kept.

Squirt 2 - Coach Pitch, scores and standings are kept, year end tourney 2nd weekend in July

Squirt 3 - Player pitch from 40', scores and standings kept, year end tourney 2nd weekend in July

Minors 4/5 - Player pitch from 46', limited stealing, scores and standings kept, tourney 2nd weekend in July

Majors 6/7 - Player pitch from 52' Full stealing, 75' bases, tourney 2nd weekend in July

Ponys 8/9  and Seniors 10-12 from 60'6 - High School League Rules, Tourney 3rd weekend in July

What other associations do we play against, and how much travel is required?

We play against teams from Prior Lake, and Apple Valley in grades 3-9th. These associations are close and require the minimal amount of travel, while providing a wider group of teams to compete against. It has allowed us to keep age levels separated at 3,4,5th grades. Keeping age levels separated provides a better experience for each player by allowing them to compete against players from their own age level.

Grades 10-12th we have teams from Lakeville North and Lakeville South, as well as Prior Lake and Bloomington in the past.

What equipment is provided and what do I need to provide for my player?

All players are required to provide their own  bat, glove, cleats, protective cup, and batting helmet.

T-Ball, Mites, and Squirts up to 3rd Grade are provided a shirt and hat, they will need baseball pants provided by parents. 

4th Grade to 9th Grade players are provided shirt, hat, socks, and pants.

Seniors 10-12th Grade players are provided shirt and hat.

When does the season start, and when does it end?

Registration starts on February 1 online. Late registration starts on March 18th, and a late fee of $30 is assessed. Team rosters are typically published by mid-April for practices to begin the last two weeks of April. First games of the season begin early May and the regular season is completed by June 30th. This allows for 2 games per week, with a bye game night for rain out re-schedules. There is a Championship Tournament in July, Grades 2-7th compete on the second weekend of July, and Grades 8-12th compete on the third weekend of July. Age Levels with more than 8 teams will play down to 8 teams by having playoff games in the week prior to the tournament.

How are teams formed?

Teams are formed by school boundaries. Ideal team numbers of 13 are assigned and areas with more than or less than a full team are formed with surrounding school boundaries. Larger boundaries are by Junior Highs, again trying to achieve ideal team sizes or equal team sizes within a boundary. Late registrations or travel cuts will be placed in their home territory if room exists on a roster, if not they will be placed on the nearest roster with space. Some levels with only two or three teams will try to follow the boundaries outlined above, but may not depending on numbers and location of players. BAC In House Baseball reserves the right to place players as necessary to complete rosters, provide teams with equal numbers within an age level, combine age levels if necessary to field complete teams, or for any reason required for the assembly of rosters. Roster assignments are not subject to grievance, and players who withdraw due to roster assignment will not be refunded. NO refunds are made for any reason after rosters are published.

Senior League Team Formation -

Senior league players in grades 10-12 form their own teams. Players must have an adult (parent) Coach present at practices and games. This coach is responsible for turning in a roster by April 1, with all players registered and paid in full. Teams with fewer than 15 players may have players assigned to their team from a pool of non rostered registered players. Teams not willing to accept non rostered players may be subject to being disbanded, and placed on other teams without refund.

How do I become an umpire?

Many players become umpires. BAC trained and employed 70 youth umpires last season. Its a great way to make money and learn responsibility. Our scheduling function allows you to be flexible, work when you want and take games in your area. There is a separate umpire registration that will open on February 1, and training sessions will be announced to those who are registered. Pay ranges from $15 per game for Squirts 2/3 to $57 per game for Ponys and Seniors.

How does Championship Weekend work?

Teams are seeded by how they finish the regular season. Brackets are set up with 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7 etc for quarterfinals. Teams play off until eliminated in a single elimination tourney. Depending on field availability, there may be a consolation bracket for teams eliminated in the first game. Teams proceeding to the Championship games on Sunday will play a total of three games during the weekend.