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BAC Boys In House Baseball provides competitive baseball for players of all levels and abilities. We have over 800 players on 70 plus teams playing baseball from Pre-K to 12th grade.

The league is organized and run entirely by parent volunteers. Our volunteer committee starts meeting in January to plan and organize our summer season. Please remember when you are dealing with a committee member that they are 100% volunteer, and doing the job for the love of the game and for the kids we serve. Remember to give them your thanks for hte countless hours that they put in.

Here are a couple important parent reminders -

1. Cheer for your team!: Be sure to support your player, and his team in a positive manner. Remember that our players are youngsters who will take your lead in behavior. Take time to recognize good play by an opposing team member as well as your own. Nothing says good sportsmanship better than that.

2. Keep the game in perspective:  The odds of a first year Mite playing Varsity baseball is about 5 in 100. The odds of a HS Varsity player going to college to play baseball on scholarship is less than that. BAC Baseball is about creating memories, not Major League ballplayers. Our hope is to provide a positive experience for baseball players, and teach the fundamentals of the game. This includes life lessons in teamwork, work ethic, and having fun.

3. Respect the coaches: Our coaches are all volunteers. They have regular jobs, regular lives, and are taking their time to work with your young player. BAC is committed to providing training and support for our coaches, but we can only be as successful as the volunteers who are willing and able to commit their time to the game. Please remember that, and that you are also welcome to coach and join the committee to help the organization.

4. Respect your opponent: Good life lessons are learned on the baseball field. Such as the importance of respect for your opponent. Nothing says class as much as being respectful on the field, on the bench, and in the stands. Cheer loud and proud for your own team, and recognize the efforts of the opponent as well. They can be against each other one year, and on the same team the next.

5. Respect the umpires: BAC umpires are our own youngsters, most of them players themselves, who have taken the extra intiative to learn how to umpire. Remember that they deserve your respect, and also remember that they could be your neighbors son, or even your own son in the future. Think about that before you sound off about a call they make. Its not a major league game where your voice gets drowned out by the crowd. The kids can hear you, and hear you loud and clear. its a great opportunity for them to learn leadership and responsibility. Help them learn, and set a good example.

Grab your lawnchair and head out to the game. Sit back and enjoy some of the best baseball you will experience. You will have great memories to last a lifetime!