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1.  What if I live in one school area, but attend a different school by variance?

Teams are formed by geographical school area that you live within, not by the school you attend.

We will not remove a player from a neighborhood team to accommodate school variances - neighborhood players have priority.

If the neighborhood team is full, the variance transfer will be denied and the player will be assigned back to your neighborhood team that you live.

Forms are available at in-person registration to request a “variance transfer”. A variance to a different school area is only allowed if it is a school district approved transfer.

If you live outside the District 191 borders, enter the elementary school area closest to your home (Example, those in south east Burnsville south of McAndrews Rd would select Sky Oaks).  Team placement will be made to the closest school area needing additional players.

2.  What happens if I just enter the school area I want to play with rather than live within?

Your address will not correspond with the school map for that area, and the player will then be moved back to your geographical area.
If the geographical area is full, the player would then be moved to the closest area needing players. Always complete a variance form and enter the school area you live within, this is the only way we know of your school variance situation.

3.  What does the registration money buy?

-All equipment except glove and batting helmet.
-MLB shirt and hat. (Note: Grades 4-9 will receive a full uniform including quality pants, socks, MLB shirt, and hat.)
-Game fees including season games, city tournaments, trophies, and umpires.

For teams qualifying for the state in-house tournament, a minimal fee ($20) is collected and a state tournament shirt and hat provided. All other state tournament fees are paid by BAC.

4.  I have 3 players playing In-house baseball. Is there any discount?

As a policy, the Burnsville Athletic Club no longer allows a “family plan” discount. 

5.  I forgot to sign up before the deadline, now what?

Team formation begins immediately after the announced registration period ends.
If registering late, a $20 late fee will be added to your registration. If a roster spot remains open in your area after travel re-assignments are provided to us, we will then place in your neighborhood.
Roster sizes are limited to 13 players(15 for Senior Teams). If your neighborhood team is full, we will place on the closest area to your home needing additional players. The sooner you register, the better chance you have of securing a neighborhood team or open spot in our program.

6.  I am in Senior High School. How do I form my own team?

Senior High School players can create their own teams with specific players and coaches.
If registering for this level, make sure you include in the comment section what team you want to be placed on (coach name or other player names). If you do not list any requests, you will be placed on a team needing additional players.
We strongly encourage coaches at this level to submit a roster of all players that intend to sign up on your team.

7.  How are teams formed if 16 players sign up in the same area and grade?

This is the most difficult part of team formation.
As teams are limited to 13 players to ensure playing time for all, we would then need to move 3 players to an adjoining area. The first to be removed would be late’s and travel reassignments. On-time players would then be randomly selected to be moved to get down to 13 players.
As a second option, we may create a second team, divide the 16 players into two teams of 8, and then attempt to fill the roster with late sign-ups from other areas that are filled.
Over 90% of on-time registrations will be placed on your neighborhood team. We do everything we can to ensure placement for on-time registrants, but is some cases it is beyond our control.

8.  Can I request to play with specific players?

To ensure fair placement of all players and to prevent team stacking, we do not accept requests to play with specific players, coaches, or teams, with the exception of grades 10, 11, 12.
Senior High players form their own teams. If the specific player you want to play with lives in the same school zone and you live relatively close to each other, chances are good that they will be on the same team when mapping is done. Each school area is different, one school may have 5 teams playing at the same age level (creating a smaller team pocket), while another school has one team (creating a much larger team pocket).

9. What days will my player play on?

T-Ball and Mites (Pre-K, K-1)  Mondays & Wednesdays
Squirts (2nd and 3rd Grades) Tuesdays & Thursdays
Minors (4th and 5th Grades) Sundays & Wednesdays
Majors (6/7th Grades) Mondays & Fridays
Ponies (8/9th Grades) Mondays & Tuesdays & Thursdays
Seniors (10-12th Grades) Sundays & Wednesdays