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Team Organization

Burnsville Blaze Lacrosse is focused on strengthening our players today and our program for players tomorrow. We do this using a combination of parent, local experts and high school skills coaches. Local experts are paid positions and parent coaches receive a discount on their child's registration.

All parents are required to participate in team volunteering assignments in order to run home games smoothly and to help with fundraising and recruiting events. See Volunteering Page for more information.

2019 Team Evaluations and Expectations

Players rostered on each team are expected to follow their coaches procedures and take practice and game schedules seriously. Players are responsible for taking care of their gear and being at the field on time.

In 2019 we expect to have an "A" and a "B" team at the 14U level. At the 12U level, we will probably have two balanced "B" teams. Both of these levels will go through a player evaluation process. We will be using paid outside evaluators who work for another lacrosse organization. Parents, Board Members and Coaches will NOT participate in evaluations. The only exceptions are for volunteers helping at evaluations for groups which they do not have players in that age. Evaluations will be held the week of April 8th in the Hayes Arena.

Evaluation Process:

  • Cost for 14U evaluations is $20.00 payable at check-in (cash or check, payable to your "home" association).
  • Jersey will be provided
  • Sign in 15 minutes prior to start of scheduled time (confirm position and jersey #)
  • Have equipment on and be ready to play at the designated time.
  • Players will be notified of A-team selection by email within 7 days of the tryout.
  • Players selected for "A" level team will be billed an additional $50.00 upon assignment to the team (due to higher tournament and turf time costs).
  • Players who miss any evaluations will be assigned to the "B" team.
  • Players who choose not to participate in evaluations will automatically be assigned to the "B" team.
  • Good luck and have fun!

Feedback: All players will have the option to ask for feedback from evaluation professionals.

Evaluation Guidance for Players

Players may be evaluated on any or all of the following considerations. A player’s preferred position will be taken into consideration. BAC reinforces Burnsville up-tempo lacrosse style. Our players are expected to be in great shape by the start of the season.

  • Passing/Catching – strong hand/weak hand
  • Shooting – strong hand/weak hand; shooting on the run
  • Vision & actions with the ball
  • Off-ball positioning
  • Defensive positioning and footwork; need to "play fast" and have great hands
  • Athleticism - boys should be in shape and ready to work
  • Lacrosse IQ
  • Attitude, leadership, willingness to learn
  • Goalie – will be evaluated based on shot defense; reaction speed; angles/positioning; defense direction/control; clearing ability; lacrosse IQ; and attitude/effort.

Your team assignment is not your destiny! The most important thing is for a player to be placed in a team which best suits their ability and skill level for this season.

Players develop at different times. All players develop best at the appropriate challenge and skill level.


All association and team communication will be directed at parents via emails/texts.

Players may be included in communications sent to parents as a copy only. Please make sure your email address is the one you use regularly. Cell phone numbers for text messages will be use for urgent communication, such as weather changes, etc.

Parents are expected to communicate player absences at practices and games to the coach and/or manager. For games, at least 2 hours advance should be given so the coach is aware of changes needed for lineups.

If a player is injured but is still able to attend school, they are expected to attend and watch games. If a player is benched due to a head impact and a concussion is possible, a doctor clearance is required before returning to play.

If you have questions or concerns about the program, your team or about a specific incident which has occurred, we ask that you please wait for 24 hours. If you still feel the need to discuss it, contact your coach first. If you are uncomfortable contacting your coach, contact a Commissioner or if it is a program level question, come to a board meeting. We will work to ensure all concerns are addressed promptly and appropriately. We are all parents who share the same goal of wanting a great experience for our kids!

Code of Conduct and Safety

We follow the U.S. Lacrosse Code of conduct for player, parents, and coaches. We strive to provide a safe environment for all players.

We ask that you notify and discuss with your coach if there are any behavior needs that could impact the overall player/team experience.

In some cases, we will require parent support at practices to ensure a supportive and safe environment for all players

Baseline pre-concussion testing is recommended for lacrosse players! Contact a sports medicine clinic to arrange this testing. Costs vary, but may be as low as $5-20 and the testing takes less than 15 minutes. Baseline testing can speed diagnosis of a concussion and can also help in your child’s recovery by pinpointing what areas of the brain the injury has affected.

More safety topics may be found in the following links:


See the Volunteer page.


All players will be issued a uniform at the start of the season.The jersey is a reversible tank type shirt, Lacrosse shorts are included in the uniform. These are elastic waist above the knee shorts. Optional pieces include an athletic tee to wear under their chest pad and lacrosse socks, which are knee or mid shin height with thick knit tops.Cleats are also optional, but recommended.


  • Lacrosse Stick
  • Helmet (NOC SAE) Lacrosse ONLY (No hockey helmets for league play)
  • Gloves
  • Shoulder/Chest Pads
  • Colored Mouth Guard
  • Elbow Pads
  • Athletic Cup
  • Cleats are recommended, but not mandatory.

Goalie equipment will be provided by the club and consists of a helmet or neck guard attachment, larger chest pad, protective shorts and shin guards.