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Season Information

Practice Schedule

Teams will typically have 2 practices a week in District 191 schools. Practices are between 1 and 2 hours in length. All practice schedules will be available on each team's web page after teams are determined. Sometimes gyms will be shared with another team. 


Traveling teams are tournament only teams and will compete in 9-10 tournaments from the end of October to early March. It averages about 2 tournaments a month, with a slightly heavier load in January/February. The majority of the tournaments are within an hour of Burnsville. At least one of the tournaments will be held out of town and may require a hotel stay. 

Most tournaments guarantee 3 games, but teams could play more/less than this. Most often games are held on Saturday and Sunday, but some do have Friday evening games as well. Some tournaments may charge a daily admission fee for spectators ($5-$10 per person). Players and coaches do not have to pay.  Some tournaments may charge a team gate fee for spectator. Gate fees or entry fees are the responsibility of teams/parents. 

All teams will play in the MYAS Grade State Tournament in early March. 

Teams have the option of playing in additional tournaments, funded at their own cost. Please inform the if your team is competing in additional tournaments. 

Uniform Information:

Uniforms: A reversible jersey and shorts will be loaned to all players, a $100 deposit is required at uniform pick up. This will be returned to you at the end of the season if your uniform is returned in good condition. Players will also receive a shooting shirt, this shirt is the player's to keep. 

Volunteer Requirements:

All families are required to volunteer at our Burnsville Blazin' Hot Hoops Tournaments. A $100 volunteer deposit is required at the beginning of the season, this will be returned to you if your volunteer hours are fulfilled. Two shifts per player will be required at a Burnsville hosted tournament during the season. If you have 3 or more players in the program, shifts will only be required for 2 of the players. Head Coaches and board members are exempt from this volunteer requirement and these positions are the only exemptions we offer.

There are several additional volunteer roles needed for teams, these are key to a successful season but do not count towards your required volunteer hours or provide an exemption to the required shifts. These roles include: Assistant Coaches (1-2), Scorekeeper, Team Manager and other needs as determined by the board or head coach.

Proof of Eligibility:

Players will need to provide proof of school attendance or a signed transfer form this season. The following is the list of accepted documentation, this will need to be provided at uniform distribtion. Coaches will keep this information with them at tournaments should anyone raise a concern that a player is not eligible to compete. 

* Copy of a student ID card with school name, player name and grade 

* Letter from the school, on school letter head, with school name, player name and grade 

* Print out of the student information page from ParentVue showing school name, player name and grade 

* Signed and approved transfer form for those who do not attend a 191 school