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Burnsville Athletic Club

Boys Traveling Basketball Guidelines

(Updated – July 2022)


The Mission of the BAC Boys Traveling Basketball is to provide an opportunity for boys in grades 3 to 8 to play competitive basketball.  The program strives to provide opportunities for players to develop their basketball skills at a competitive level by encouraging responsibility, teamwork, and good sportsmanship from athletes, coaches, and parents.  Program goals are to:


  • Teach players the fundamental skills of basketball
  • Promote teamwork
  • Provide opportunities for players committed to playing at a competitive level to develop and achieve with teammates
  • Have a fun season



The Burnsville Boys Traveling basketball board shall consist of an executive board, who will vote for changes to the program and additional board members who contribute to discussion and decision making but will not have a vote. Executive board positions are: president, vice president, tournament director, treasurer and concessions manager.  

Executive board members are voted positions, and terms are indefinite. When the president is replaced, this position needs to be voted on by the Boys Traveling Basketball board and then approved by BAC at one of their monthly meetings prior to being official. 




All members of the Burnsville Boys Traveling Basketball shall have the right to be heard with respect to any By-Law or Rule which the Board has under consideration for adoption or which the Board has already adopted. Members are invited to Board Meetings and may be heard on any such matter during the open forum portion of the meeting. Members are welcome to stay for a portion of or the entire meeting if they choose. In the event the Board must discuss items that would be considered confidential, the Board may elect to move to a closed session. At that time, members may be asked to leave the meeting until the confidential discussion is completed. Examples of confidential items are not limited to the following: discussion concerning issues or concerns for a specific player or coach; discussion of specific scholarship players; and coaches’ evaluations.




Burnsville Boys Traveling Basketball shall follow the player eligibility and team composition guidelines of the Minnesota Youth Basketball Alliance. Players may participate when all fees have been paid or a scholarship has been approved and all required documentation has been turned in. Fees may include: registration/tryout fee, player participation fee and uniform/volunteer deposits. Documentation may include proof of school attendance or waiver forms. 




Interested participants must register prior to the start of each season during the published dates as established by the BAC Boys Traveling Basketball Board. General registrations will be accepted up through the date specified by the BAC Traveling Basketball Board. The Board may elect to impose a late fee. Registrations are complete when a portion of the participation fee is paid. The Traveling Basketball Board will determine the percentage of the participation fee that is due.

Late registrations may be allowed under extenuating circumstances per the discretion of the BAC Boys Traveling Basketball Board. Any person who registers under an assumed name, or gives an incorrect age will become ineligible and will be suspended for the remainder of the current playing season. Once teams are formed and announced, there will be NO refunds returned if players elect not to play traveling basketball on the team to which they are assigned.




Registration fees will be established by the Board each season. Registration fees cover the costs of participation, including but not limited to, tournament entry fees, tryouts, uniforms, equipment, player and coach development and gym rental time. No refunds are allowed once the teams have been established upon completion of tryouts. Refunds will be made ONLY to players not placed on a team. In addition, an annual volunteer and uniform deposit fee will be established by the Board and collected prior to the start of the season. These deposits cover the use of uniforms, equipment, and expectation of fulfilling volunteer hours. Deposits are returned at end of season when all conditions are fulfilled.




The Board may provide for boys teams in each of five levels, according to school grades: 4th -8th.  The Board will annually determine the number of teams to sponsor. The Board will use registration data to decide how many teams will be formed at each grade level with number of participants and overall talent levels helping to decide the level of the teams (A, B, and C). Generally, teams consist of eight to ten players, but this may change depending upon the number of participants at any grade level. The availability of gym time and program budget will determine how many teams will be formed and sponsored by BAC. Players are generally required to participate within their current grade / age group with the exception of 3rd graders. At the discretion of the Board, boys in 3rd grade may be allowed to participate at the 4th grade level.  However, these third graders are expected to play at the 4th grade level for 2 years (3rd and 4th grade).  Exceptions may be granted for players wishing to participate in a higher grade (i.e. 'playing-up'). If a grade level is short of players so that a team would not exist without adding players from a younger grade level, the team may roster players younger than that grade level with the approval of the Tryout Committee (see below). 




The Tryout Committee will decide team selection.  The Tryout Committee will consist of the Burnsville Boys Traveling Basketball (BTBB) President, BTBB Vice President, and evaluator/s not on the BTBB Board.  The tryout evaluation staff is formed at the discretion of the Tryout Committee.  The tryout length/format is determined by the Tryout Committee. 


The Tryout Committee will consider information from the following areas:


1.      Tryouts: Evaluators will observe the players during drills and scrimmages to determine a “Tryout Ranking.”  The players will be evaluated on individual basketball skills (shooting, dribbling, rebounding, defense, passing).  Evaluators will also make note of players physical makeup (height, strength, speed, quickness, athleticism).  Lastly the evaluators will factor in certain “intangibles” (competitive drive, understanding of the game, team play, sportsmanship, effort level, positive attitude, commitment level).  At the end of tryouts, each evaluator will rank the players from the grade level.  These rankings will be totaled and divided by the number of evaluators to get a weighted average for each player.  This will be their tryout ranking. For example, if there are 4 evaluators and a player was ranked 3, 5, 10, and 8.  3+5+10+8=26… 26/4 = 6.5.  6.5 would be the Tryout Ranking for that player. 


2.      Previous Coaches Recommendation:  Coaches from the previous season are asked to provide a summary of each player and a recommendation for the following season for that player.  This information will be factored into the team formation decision in accordance with the Player Selection Criteria.


3.      Team Needs:  The needs of the team will be factored in while still following the player selection criteria. For example, if a team already has plenty of ball handlers and a lack of rebounders, a player with a better inside game may be chosen over another guard regardless of the tryout ranking.  


4.      Bubble Preference:  If the question is asked about a families preference whether they would like to have their player be a weaker player a stronger team or a stronger player on a weaker team, this information can be used for team formations.


Player Selection Criteria:

The majority of the player information should come from tryouts.  Therefore, all but the final 3 spots on a team should be determined by the best tryout ranking scores.  For example, on a team of 10 players, the best 7 tryout rankings would be placed on that team (Team of 9, 6 players automatically placed, etc).  The final 3 spots are determined by a combination of the Team Needs, Previous Coaches Recommendations, Tryout Rankings, Bubble Preference, and any other pertinent information. 


Coaching Candidates:

At the discretion of the Tryout Committee, a head coaching candidate may be invited to watch tryouts and provide input into team selection.  If that head coaching candidate is a parent, the Tryout Committee should be aware of any potential conflicts of interest or negative consequences from having that coach at tryouts.  The Tryout Committee reserves the right to not invite coaching candidates into tryouts for any reason. 


Other Information:

  • Players/Parents may inquire about what that player did well in tryouts and area’s for improvement, but Tryout Rankings will not be shared
  • Parents are not allowed inside the gym during tryouts and are not allowed to watch.
  • If a player does not participate in tryouts, he may not be automatically placed on a team.  He may be selected using one of the last 3 spots available according to the Player Selection Criteria.
  • Parent requests for team placement for logistical or personal reasons will be considered, but not guaranteed (this is designed for a player to play on a lower team).
  • Team size will be determined by the Tryout Committee. 8 to 10 players per team is preferred.  A strong effort will be made by the Tryout Committee to offer every player a spot on a team.  However, the numbers may dictate what is feasible.





Coaching candidates will submit an application by the application deadline. Candidates will be contacted for an interview with the selection committee. Coaches will be selected based on experience, knowledge of the game, past involvement and positive attitude.


Prospective coaching candidates (this includes all returning coaches who would like to be considered for a coaching position) must fill out a Coaching Application and pass a Background Check.




A Coach Selection Committee will interview candidates. The Coach Selection Committee will be made up of Board members which may include, but is not limited to: the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Tournament Director, Equipment Director, Scheduling Director, representative from the Burnsville High School Boys Basketball Program and additional members appointed by the Board, which may include non-Board members. Members of the selection committee must exclude themselves from the interview process for any grade that they or their spouse is a coaching candidate. If a member of the committee does not feel they are independent with regard to a candidate they must state that and refrain from voting on that candidate.



In the event of illness, injury, or other circumstances that brings the number of available players for a team below seven, a team may contact the other grade-level team for substitute players, then the next lower grade etc. for tournaments. The promotion shall be temporary. The promotion will be discussed with team coaches and President before action is taken or parents are consulted.




Boys Traveling Basketball season is late October/early November through March with tryouts taking place in September or October. Teams will typically play ten tournaments (including the State Tournament). Tournament games are usually played on weekends. Boys Traveling Basketball will pay the team’s entrance fee for these tournaments. Coaches may not create a “renegade” team to play in additional tournaments using the Boys Traveling Basketball uniforms. For example, a coach may not combine players from traveling and inhouse teams to play in additional tournaments. If that occurs, there is no Burnsville Athletic Club insurance coverage if playing in tournaments outside of your team. Board has the responsibility for scheduling tournaments. Wearing the team uniforms shows that you are part of the program. Only players registered and paid for may play in a uniform.



Full or Partial payment for the season is due at registration. This partial payment will be refunded or transferred to the BAC inhouse basketball program for players who are not placed on a traveling team. If a player elects to not participate in the traveling program upon completion of the tryouts, the partial payment will not be refunded. If a player is unable to participate because of a medical or family emergency, the BAC Traveling Basketball board shall have the authority to modify this by a majority vote.


If a participant’s fee is paid by check and that check is returned to BAC for insufficient funds, the account owner will:

  • Pay all fees associated with the insufficient funds check.
  • Make arrangements with the president to pay the fees.
  • If this does not occur in a timely manner, the player will not be allowed to play until arrangements are made.
  • If payment is not made, the player’s participation will be in jeopardy for the following season until payment arrangements are made. This includes insufficient fund checks, participant fees and registration fees.



Players are provided with a uniform to wear for games during the season. Upon completion of the season, players will receive instructions on returning the uniforms. There will be a uniform deposit that is due at uniform distribution day.  The deposit check will be returned to parents when the uniform is returned to Traveling Basketball. In the event of uniform loss or damage beyond normal wear and tear, Traveling Basketball will cash the deposit check to replace or repair the uniform.



Teams will have approximately two practices a week for approximately one to two hours in length. Practices will be at various schools located in Independent School District 191. Additional gym space may be used outside the Independent School District 191, should ample gym space not be available.



The rules in accordance with the Burnsville Athletic Club By-Laws states “While the objective of each BAC Traveling team is to win each time the players compete, a “win at all costs” philosophy is not the aim of the BAC. It is a stated objective of each traveling program to play each player as equally as possible during the course of the season, with the understanding that pure equality in playing time will most likely not exist.”


Player development is the primary goal of the program. Coaches should make an effort to ensure that all players receive relatively equal playing time while striving to win as often as possible. However, there is a competitive component to traveling basketball; therefore playing time will not be equal and players who are more comfortable in certain game situations may earn more minutes. This is to be determined by the coach on a game by game basis.



Players shall show respect for the referee, opposing team, teammates, & coaches. Verbal abuse, profanity, throwing equipment or similar forms of disrespect will not be tolerated and may, at the discretion of the coach, result in removal from a game, dismissal from practice, removal from the team, or other sanctions.


If any player receives multiple technical fouls over the course of the season, the coach and president should meet to decide the appropriate disciplinary action in regard to this player.  Suspension or removal from the team are possibilities. 


Players are responsible for being on time to all practices and games. If a pattern of unexcused tardiness occurs, this may impact playing time. If a player is injured, he is expected to attend practices & tournaments unless excused by the head coach. It is important for the injured player to continue to understand the game concepts, newly implemented plays as well as continuing to learn the game of basketball.



Parents shall show respect for the referee, the opposing team, all players, and coaches. Verbal abuse, profanity, or similar forms of disrespect is not appropriate. The coach or any board member has the authority to immediately remove a parent from the gym area for inappropriate behavior.  In addition, the BTBB board reserves the right to impose further sanctions on the offending parent or fan.  Suspension from all BAC events is possible.  

Parents shall raise all concerns, comments, or complaints with the coach directly in a private manner. Do not discuss playing time or other philosophical disagreements with a coach before, during, or within 24 hours after a game (The 24 hour rule).  


Parents should make a commitment to getting their children to practices and games on time. Practice attendance will have an effect on playing time. While the season is in session, it is not acceptable to miss practices or games as a result of another sport(s) commitment. Any player violating this guideline may have their playing time reduced.


Parents and other spectators should not be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances while attending any BAC event or while responsible for transporting players and coaches. The possession, use, distribution, and sale of illegal substances are prohibited. Consequences for violating this policy may include removal from the viewing area of the game or event and may include denial to attend future events.


Families or their designated substitutes are required to volunteer for a tournament shift throughout the year. The tournament director or a designee will determine the volunteer shifts and length of time.


Families will be asked to make a volunteer deposit for the season. The amount of the volunteer deposit check will be determined prior to the start of each season. The volunteer deposit check will be returned after the Burnsville tournament and parents or their designated substitutes have volunteered.



Coaches should keep in mind the primary goal of the program is player development. Coaches are responsible for developing as many players as possible and for fostering players’ confidence and pride through team achievements and not to develop one or two players at the expense of others. Player development and sportsmanship is to be placed above a win-at-all-costs attitude. A coach shall not show favoritism to any one player (including his/her own son) at the expense of other players.


All head coaches and assistant coaches are required to pass a background check.  Coaches are not allowed at practice or games without passing this background check. 


Coaches are supposed to set an example for the players.  Coaches are discouraged from overtly arguing with the referees and opposing coaches. Coaches may discuss rule interpretation with referees. Refrain from arguing judgment calls. Verbal abuse, profanity, throwing equipment, or similar forms of disrespect will not be tolerated.  Any coach that receives 3 technical fouls during the season must report the event to the coaching committee and have a meeting to discuss appropriate action…… suspension or removal are possible. 


The head coach is responsible for all activity on the bench during games. He/she may have one or two assistant coaches on the bench. The team’s scorekeeper is included in this number.


Coaches are encouraged to attend all Coaching Clinics and Coaching Meetings that are scheduled. In addition, coaches are encouraged to understand some of the Burnsville High School game strategies and plays and incorporate those into team practice and game situations. Burnsville High School Boys Basketball coaching staff will be available to provide guidance and help with such strategies.


Barring injury, disciplinary action, vacation, or illness, no player shall be denied the opportunity to participate in a game, unless otherwise stated in the player/parent guidelines. 


The head coach will be in charge of selecting an assistant (s).  HOWEVER, assistants must be approved by the coaches committee. The coaches committee will aid in the search for an assistant if necessary.


Coaches may be expelled from the program for abusive behavior toward players or parents in the program in accordance with BAC Bylaws. Abuse may be physical, verbal, or emotional.   The coaches committee will review any reported incident and decide the appropriate action to take.


Coaches must not be under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substances while attending any BAC Traveling Basketball games or practices, or while transporting players. Possession, use, distribution, and/or sale of illegal substances are prohibited. Consequences for violation this policy may include removal from BAC Traveling Basketball and may include denial to attend future BAC basketball events.


Head coaches are limited to three years of service on the same team, provided a qualified replacement has applied.



Grievances raised by parents, players, or coaches shall be resolved through the following process:

  • Grievances shall be raised initially with the head coach in a private and constructive manner.
  • If a conference with the coach does not lead to a resolution of the grievance or if the parent/coach/player is uncomfortable discussing the matter directly, the parent/coach/player may raise the grievance with the BTBB president.
  • If after discussion with the President the grievance is not satisfactorily resolved, the parent or coach may request a meeting with a committee comprised of BTBB board member(s). The President will determine the appropriate size and personnel for that committee on a case by case basis due to the specific circumstances.
  • The decision of the BTBB committee will be final.
  • Further discussion with the issue may be sent to the BAC Board of Directors.


The Boys Traveling Basketball Guidelines will be followed as closely as possible. However, the guidelines may not always address unique situations or issues that may arise during the course of

the season. Therefore, the judgment of the BTBB President, other BTBB board members/committees, or BAC Executive board may be requested for unique situations in the program.