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Week 1 Update for 1/30/21


Thanks to everyone for a sucessfull opening week - here are my notes:



Below is a spreadsheet to everyone so they can gather names and contact information for the covid plan.  The team manager will give the list to the site volunteer who will then hand out wristbands based on number of spectators.


Excel Sheet for wristbands


Lakeville South has the Covid responsibility next week so South parents please consider helping.  We are asking that you're present from beginning to end but I would gladly cover for you so you can watch your team.


Game times are staggered next week at 20 minutes apart which will help reduce traffic.


Games are entered for 2/6 and will have 2/13 in a few days.  We are adding BAA and Shakopee teams over the next two weeks so we are almost as large as the non Covid years which is great.  Due to this  we will be adding a second site starting on 2/13, Eagle Ridge MS (ISD 191) in Savage to play a few games.  For 2/13 Eagle Ridge will have all the 56th games and most 34th grade games will be playing double header at Kenwood.  This is due to lack of a court so far for 2/20.  I'll have updates about that date ASAP so you could play a weekend without basketball.



We had 4 instances of unequal time, this is normal for the first week.  I track equal time violations by adding an "*" next to the team name on the scoresheet....very passive aggressive but I'd be more that willing to go over it with you at the gym.



10 foot rims

Verify that you're playing with the correctly sized ball, 27.5 for 34th and 28.5 for 56th.

Coaches are required to remain in their coaching boxes, roughly from center court to FT line and should remain off the court while the ball is live.

No rules modifications, aka gentleman's rules, between coaches.  Referees should not agree to rule changes for single games.


Overall a good weekend, see everyone on Saturday.