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Fall Season 2020



COVID-19 has affected our lives in many different ways. There seems to be more questions than answers surrounding this health issue in our world. To that note, BAC Youth Football has made the decision to not offer tackle nor flag football for the fall 2020 season.


BAC Youth Football does not see a viable plan where our players can effectively train, practice and play football in the current environment. There are too many variables out of the control of parents, players, coaches, referees and myself for our football organization to comfortably move forward.


This decision was not made lightly, but it was clear, this is the right decision for BAC Youth Football. Believe me, there is no one in our community who wants football more than myself. My own children were planning on playing this year. However, wanting to play football is not more important than the logistics of how to play football safely. Short term comfort should not come before long term success.


Some families may still want to move forward and play football this fall. Burnsville Youth Football has a long successful partnership over the years with Bloomington Athletic Association (BAA). Through this partnership, BAC families can sign up and play football in Bloomington this fall with BAA. 


Please follow the link here to register: https://baaonline.org/sport/football/


In closing, I care about our community and most definitely care about our children’s safety. Tough times never last, but tough people do. Be well and please use this fall to strengthen the bonds of your family. Football will return to Burnsville in the future, and we will all be better for it ... when the timing is right.




Coach Hunter